Should You Run During Pregnancy

hdkilNote: It’s important for those who are pregnant and engaged in an exercise regimen to seek the advice of their physician and be evaluated prior to initiating any exercise program.

Pregnancy is the gift of life, but it can also feel like a temporary setback for women who run.

We got a few words from Dr. Robert Stewart, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, to give you an idea of how to stay active during your nine months of pregnancy.

Active: What is the general consensus about running while pregnant, and how has it changed over the years?

Dr. Stewart: Previously, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommended that women keep their heart rate less than 140 beats per minute. And many obstetricians previously would advise pregnant women to follow this or even to reduce the amount of exercise. However, in 1994, this restriction was removed, and generally, exercising in pregnancy is now seen as a good thing.

Currently, it is recommended by the U.S. Department of Health (the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans in 2008)

5 Yoga Moves for Football Players

jflilIt’s extremely beneficial for football players of every level to take yoga classes to improve their functional strength, balance, flexibility, power, breathing techniques, visualizations skills, and focus. There are certain yoga moves that are more beneficial than others; if a you don’t have much time, consider these top five poses.

1) Lying Opposite Arm, Opposite Leg

This movement is amazing to warm up the hip socket, shoulder socket, and abs, as well as syncing the breath with the movement; critical for the quick, elusive moves you need on the field. Try it for two to four minutes.

2) Lunge Twist

This pose will increase strength in the legs while stretching the quadriceps and increase the rotation in the back. Just watch a receiver and you will know how important it is to be able to twist and torque to catch a less than perfect pass. Great execution of this pose will also help you better your balance, which also can come in handy when landing from a leaping grab or having to have the presence of mind to land with your feet inbounds.

How to Heal Common Tennis Lower Body Pain

fijufDo you sometimes have an uncomfortable, irritating and hard-to-relieve pain in the buttocks, sometimes even radiating down the leg, calf and sole of your foot?

This pain can come and go unpredictably, making playing tennis impossible. Almost every tennis player has experienced this at one time.

A temporary fix you can do to relieve the pain is pointing the foot on the painful side outward when walking.

This condition, which is often mistaken for a sciatica nerve problem is called piriformis syndrome.

Piriformis is the largest of the six muscles in the hip that are responsible for external rotation of the leg. If you have your leg planted, the piriformis turns the body in the opposite direction, a movement that tennis players do repeatedly thousands of times.

An overused and tight piriformis muscle causes pain in your sacrum, glutes and hips. It will twist your sacrum a little bit, causing a short-leg syndrome that adds to the problem.

In athletes, the piriformis muscle shortens and spasms because of overuse or mild trauma. When it gets short, it may push on the

Tips to Buy And Take Care of Your Football Shirts

Football fans not only are passionate about the game but they are also great admirers of the players and also try and wear the same kinds of shirts that they wear. Having a collection of football related goods and merchandises is also a major hobby for many enthusiasts.

For anybody who wishes to create a football kit, taking very good care of the equipments and the associated apparels is a very important thing. And why not, after all, they are quite expensive and exclusively available.

By following some simple, small steps, you should be able to increase the longevity of your shirts and other personalised goods.

One of the major tips to consider in maintaining the quality of your shirt is to start taking care of it from the moment you buy it at the store. These stores customise the merchandises right in front of you, be it the printing of the name or number on the back of the shirt. After choosing the shirt and getting it printed, be very careful that you do not fold back the shirt immediately after the printing is done. The heat press which is used for printing makes the cloth material very soft

Great Basketball Players

Ask Joe Hoopsfan to name a great basketball legend and he’d probably answer Magic Johnson. Or Larry Bird. Or, if he goes way, way back, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.


Indeed, when it comes to basketball history, our memories tend to fuzz out when it comes to anything pre-Charles Barkley. Basketball’s history is sketchy because, frankly, the sport wasn’t very popular prior to the Magic/Bird era.

James Naismith may have nailed up the first peach basket in 1891, but no legitimate professional league was formed until the Basketball Association of America (later the National Basketball Association) set up shop in 1946. Moreover, the NBA limped along for years — always a poor second cousin to Major League Baseball and the National Football League. NBA franchises came and went, and teams were still struggling to fill their arenas as late as the early 1980s.

Yet to think there wasn’t any great basketball being played in these “dark ages” would be a grave injustice. Of the 75 legends featured in these articles, three enjoyed their glory years in the 1940s, seven in the ’50s, 16 in the ’60s, and 21 in the ’70s.


What will help you to Select and Purchase the Best Arrow Rest

Archery is undoubtedly a great deal for the players who are professionally engaged in the same field. But, this is also for sure that they need different devices and equipment to play the game perfectly. You just need to select the suitable accessories and use them for the games. This will help you to perform the job more easily and efficiently. These accessories are available in a variety of specification for the users. Select the suitable one for your use from the trusted store.

If you are approaching a trusted company for purchasing Arrow Rest, you need to keep some common aspects in mind that are described below –

Specification Available: – You need to check for the specification of these products when going to select them for your use. Consider selecting the product that is suitable for your use and can be used with the bows easily. If they are available in a variety of specifications, then you will surely be able to select the suitable one for your use in an easier way.

Quality of Product: – You need to check for the quality of product that you are going to select for your use. Make sure that the product you

Womens sport participation and gender equality

Despite a notably high percentage of women in political positions, South Africa has high rates of rape and domestic violence, suggesting poor gender equality, widespread discrimination and male dominance in (South) Africa. Ogunniyi’s recent research in South African Review of Sociology, examines women’s involvement in sport, specifically soccer and its impact on balance of gender power in South Africa on National, community and personal levels.

The earliest documented women’s soccer in Scotland, 1888 was the start of an emergent European trend, but faced resistance to women at competition level due to their being too delicate for the physical demands of the game. Women in soccer also presented problematic challenges to the stereotypical woman as homebound caregiver.

There has since been rapid progress with a few significant firsts; women’s UEFA International tournament in 1982, FIFA women’s World Cup in 1991, South African National women’s team in 1993 and sponsored women’s South African League in 2001. This paints a positive picture; sport is known to improve women’s self-esteem, confidence, to challenge gender inequalities through constructive male-female relationships and increase educational opportunities.

However African women broadly are still subject to patriarchy, poverty, sexual and domestic

The Advantageous Benefits of Quality Compact Folding Bikes

When you are looking to buy a good quality folding bike, then make sure to opt for the high quality compact folding bikes which will most definitely fetch you loads of advantages and make your ride throughout town definitely a great delight. However, there are certain other things, behind the huge recommendation of compact folding bikes and in order to know about their optimal popularity, it’s mostly a certainty to check out the benefits of this highly functional product to a rider. Therefore, in order to make the riding experience definitely a delight and also a fun loving and highly enjoyable venture, you can most definitely try to get the best selection of folding bikes from the reputed online stores and a proper read through will most definitely let you know the benefits of riding the premium quality products at extremely affordable and reasonable prices. Compact folding bikes and the advantages it provides you with, will certainly make you pick the ideal one, suitable according to your needs and requirements:

Easy to pack – compact structure

When you are looking for folding bikes, getting a good quality one with a compact structure is certainly a must. Not only is the small and

Learn From The Success of Skechers

Skechers is a surprisingly new brand of shoes launched back in 1992 by Robert Greenberg after leaving LA Gear. Their initial work was in distribution of other brands such as Dr. Martens but then quickly began building their own styles of shoes focused on casual sneakers.

This niche in casual street shoes such as skateboarding shoes and easy wear footwear made them particularly popular with the youth and with men. The first big hit of Skechers was the Chrome Dome sneaker that was popular because it looked worn, which made it fit well in the urban decay along the likes of grunge music. Skechers were viewed as the brand that appealed to young music lovers. After a few years, the monumental success in this niche provided the capital and backing for skechers to later expand into athletic shoes and be competitive with Nike and others.


From its early beginnings, Skechers has evolved to be more than just an urban street brand making a disproportionate amount of skechers shoes for men, and subsequently expanding into mens and womens athletic shoes and fitness footwear. One of the most recent developments of skechers was the advent

Training for the Swimming Portion of the Triathlon

Everyone feels as though they are stuck in a rut at one time or another. This applies to athletes and their training regimens as well. To embark on an adventure, many people become interested in training for triathlons. The triathlon is a unique competition that draws in people for many different reasons.

Unlike many other races and sports competitions, the triathlon consists of three different parts;swimming, cycling and running. All of these portions require endurance training.

Various triathlons also have different distances. For example, the Ironman competition is one of the most famous triathlons in the world. The athletes in this competition must cover a total distance of 226.51 kilometersthe athletes in the Ironman triathlon must swim 3.86 kilometers, cycle 180.25 kilometers and run 42.4 kilometers.


The feeling of winning such an event can be one of the most distinguishing moments of your life. When you hang up your triathlon medals at home, you will be able to look at them and remember your victory with fondness and pride.

There are three distinct parts to the triathlon; athletes have to train appropriately for

The Secret to Winning Marathons

When it comes to training for a sporting event, many professional athletes start living life on an entirely different plane of existence. Their entire world revolves around the event or competition. Mentally, they are already focused on winning the events and medals. They strive to do their best to win, so that they can continue to make a name for themselves in the world of sports.

It is highly improbable that one person will win every single match or competition that they compete in. When there are many different competitors, the competition can get high. If you are looking to win some marathon medals then you need to ensure that you are using the right equipment.

When you are competing in a marathon, you need to wear some great running shoes. Training is extremely important. However, you also need to ensure that you have the best equipment possible.


A marathon is a long distance, 42.195 kilometers, to be exact. If you are going to train for this long distance, you want to ensure that you are not running in old shoes!! It is important to ensure that you have the finest shoes available; this

If You Need Cool and Durable Shoes for Bowling Read This

Fact – Dexter is the biggest manufacturer of shoes for bowling in the United States. It’s true as of today but might not be true a year from now because of the fierce competition they face from Storm and Brunswick who are the number second and third respectively.

A few months ago during Bowl Expo in Vegas I got a hold of their new shoe catalog and I was surprised to find out that their shoes have been promoted from pro bowlers like Walter Ray Williams Jr, Tommy Jones, Shannon O’Keefe which means they must be good, correct?

I was also pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of shoes in all categories, more than any other manufacturer out there.

Men’s line of shoes has fifteen styles: SST 8, SST 6 LZ, SST 8 SE, SST 5 LX, SST 1, Fred, Zig Zag, Pro AM II, Dale, Seth, Jeff II, Jason IV, Jack, V-Strap and Ricky III.

The shoes are primarily in dark colors – brown and black with the exception of Dale, Fred, Jeff II, Jason IV and Ricky III (white). They are priced from $35.99 for Ricky III to $149.99 for the SST

The Run Not All Running Is the Same

We opened this series last month by asking questions about the run dimension of your triathlon training. Hopefully you took our advice to start collecting some data. We begin this month by answering those questions.

Let’s start with the first two questions we asked: How many miles and how many hours a week are you running?

That seems kind of redundant, but there’s actually a significant difference between the two. Case in point, consider two runners: IRONMAN World Champion Mirinda Carfrae and local couch potato “Bart Gulewicz.” They go for an hour-long run. Rinny knocks out 10 miles without her heart rate never going above 130 bpm. Poor Bart runs three miles and has to stop a few times to get his heart rate back under 180 bpm.

Because she ran farther, Carfrae’s legs do a lot more work than Bart’s. But, what about her heart? All told, she spent the hour at a leisurely jog. Meanwhile, poor Bart got the aerobic workout of his life.

Time, distance, legs, heart: Different inputs, different outputs.

Suddenly we realize that not all running is the same. You probably already knew this instinctively. Run

5 Myths Baseball Coaches Shouldnt Believe

In my 21 years coaching youth baseball, I’ve been called a good coach, a great coach, an overrated coach and a horrible coach. I guess it depends on which game or games people have seen me coach to determine which superlative to use.

I like to think that my best coaching moves come from my gut and not from the “book” of coaching. People have questioned some moves I have made and asked me why I did what I did. Many times I have to respond, “I just had a feeling it would work.”

I have also found that the best coaches in all sports deviate from the “book” over the course of their career. Some of these uncanny moves will work and some will not.

My thoughts are you cannot have all coaching moves pre-determined, because situations occur with different personnel at different times.

Let’s look at five situations and why I sometimes stray from conventional coaching decisions:

Tip No.1: Don’t Bunt With Two Strikes

This is a tough one when it fails. We have all seen it in youth baseball when the third baseman plays in close

Before You Sign Your Kid up for Swim Lessons

Signing your child up for swim classes is beneficial in many ways. Research shows swim lessons help children develop better balance and stronger movement. Plus, formal swimming lessons reduce the risk of drowning in young children by 88 percent.

If you just signed up your child for swim lessons or are still shopping around, there are probably a million questions running through your mind. Linda DeSanders, director of the Texas Drowning Prevention Alliance, has a few helpful tips for parents interested in swim lessons.

It Starts with Bath Time
Many parents shield their child’s face from water during bath time. But a big part of swimming lessons is getting a child comfortable with water. DeSanders suggests pouring clear, not soapy, water over your child’s face in the bath. They will slowly get used to water getting into their ears and face, which will help during swim lessons.

Learn to Float
Learning to trust the water may be difficult for both the child and the parent, but the ability to lie on his or her back and float is instrumental for young swimmers. It may be scary, but DeSanders suggests putting your baby on his or

Tennis Tips 3 Shots You Need for Doubles and 3 You Dont

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that people fail in their quest to play great doubles is that they have the wrong shots.

There are certain shots I often see people trying to hit when they play doubles that are just not the best shots they could play.

And maybe worse still, they spend a whole load of time (and money) trying to improve those shots.

If your only objective is to play winning doubles, then here are three shots you need to put time into developing and improving versus some shots you don’t need the extra time to improve.

You Don’t Need a Big Serve

The biggest problem with the big fast serve is this: It reduces the time you have to get ready for the return.

Players on the receiving end of your serve also get the chance to block or tee off at the ball, using the pace you’ve given them and often without having to move their feet. They retain their court position and are ready to play another shot if they need to.

Yes, if you are playing a pair of a much lesser standard and you already have a big flat serve, then great. But if you don’t already

3 Leg Strengthening Bike Intervals for Triathletes

Endurance isn’t the problem for most triathletes. Long hours spent training for the swim, bike and run put your cardiovascular system in overdrive, which can sometimes leave the rest of your body struggling to keep up.

Building strength in your legs to match that big cardiovascular engine is the key to success on the bike. But, unfortunately, it’s often not as easy as it sounds.

To produce the necessary watts on the bike and still have enough in the tank to power through the run, you’ll need to focus a portion of your training on pedaling in big gears. Incorporate these intervals into two of your weekly rides to get started.

A Word of Caution
Since most of these workouts focus on pedaling in a cadence range that is designed to be uncomfortable, there are a few things you should be aware of. Before you begin to train using a lower cadence, follow these basic tips:

  • Maintain your form: Concentrate on pedaling in smooth circles, even when it becomes difficult.
  • Beware of pain: Low cadences can place more tension on your muscles and tendons– especially in the knee. If you feel pain, it’s

How to Steal a Set in Doubles

I’ve seen this little one-two punch win more tennis sets than all other bright ideas combined.

It’s actually quite simple:

1. In the eighth game of a set you lead 4-games-to-3, apply pressure on the huge point(s) to win the game.

2. Then speed up the tempo of the match.

In step one, you capitalize on the pressure inherent in the moment with pressure tactics. The elements of surprise and uncertainty create pressure. So this is a good time to do something unusual.

Aggression creates pressure. So this is the strategic time to show it. Which pressure tactics you use depends on your game.

In step two, you waste no time congratulating yourselves about the big game you just won. Instead, you INSTANTLY hustle to shag the balls and quickly get into position, champing at the bit to start the next game.

Keep that increased momentum going for four or five straight points.

Why? Because in less than a minute, a 4-3 set that has been running neck-and-neck for forty-five minutes can suddenly be history at 6-3. It happens before the opposition FEELS like they’re losing.

4 Pre Swim Warm Up Movements

Here are some swim-specific movement prep exercises that I do before I swim to make sure my body has the mobility it needs to get through my stroke efficiently. This sequence only takes about three to five minutes.

1. Forward Lunge

Lunge forward with one leg and reach the arm on the side of the back leg straight overhead and slightly backward to open up the anterior chain—including abs and hip flexors. You’ll also open up your quads and lats. Be sure to keep hips parallel to the ground, your abs and glutes engaged and hips/knees/ankles in line. Do four to six on each side.

2. Standing T’s

This movement opens up the chest while warming up and strengthening the rotator cuff. Standing in a split stance (step one leg forward about two feet) raise arms out to their sides, parallel to the ground, turn thumbs toward the back, and engage (squeeze) the shoulder blades in toward the spine and slightly downward. Hold for one to two seconds, then release and repeat six to 10 times.

3. 90/90 Stretch

Increase your rotational stability with this movement. Lie on the ground

Youth Soccer Drill The Defensive Run-Down

Defensive Run-Down is a drill that tests both offensive and defensive players simultaneously. The offensive player works on speed while dribbling under pressure and at the same time the defensive player practices recovery maneuvers and clearing the ball.


    • Two players (one offensive and one defensive) and a ball are to stand close to the midfield line. Usually there’s enough room on one side of midfield for 3 sets of players to be involved at once.
    • On your first whistle the offensive player dribbles at high speed towards the goal.

    • Once the offensive player has a several yard head start blow the whistle again. This signals the defensive player to attempt to run down the offensive player and attempt to get ahead and clear the ball to the outside.

  • The offensive player must keep the ball under foot control–no long dribbling is permitted.
  • If the offensive player eludes the defender then a shot may be taken once inside the penalty area but no sooner. Once a defensive player has kicked the offensive player’s ball away or the offensive player takes a shot, the drill has ended and players may then line up